Welcoming  Art and Healing  in one's life

Art is a catalysator for welfare and wellbeing

  Let me show you how


Hello, are you looking for a non verbal expression?

When one comes to my practice one is looking for a new way of expressing oneself,

expressing one's feelings and emotions or  one wants to break free from

blocking or overwhelming old patterns. One also comes extremely tired.

Sometimes demotivated, or even depressed. This is a pattern which no longer suits one's present life. 

One can live in acceptance and joy. Making use of art coaching, training or therapy, here you will make use of your self healing capacity. I can help you on it.

 " Art is a wound turned into light"

I have seen clients recover from trauma, depression, and burn out thanks to the non verbal approach from the art therapies.

The visual arts like drawing, painting, modelling or collaging serve as tools to improve one's connection to  oneself and one's life.

This increases  self trust and self love. Each therapeutic process makes use of this qualities.

"Being human is the art of  developing yourself in each phase of life"

Who is talking?

I am Beatriz, I am born in Brazil but living longer than 30 years in The Netherlands.

I have a Dutch graduation on Art Therapies, and a Foundation year on the Visual Arts. In Brazil I graduated as nutritionist, and in England  I attended an specialization Course on Social Development. I follow regularly specific courses on Art Therapies to keep up to date on my category.

Currently I just finished a specialization on Body Oriented Art Therapy. And I'm graduating as Systemic Family therapist

In 2020 I started my practice at the Molenlaan  in Voorschoten Centre.

Located in a quiet bike street, this place invites one to enjoy life as it is meant to be.

I attend online and physically at my practice.

Be welcome.