Make your own Affirmation Cards

Affirmations are words, sentences or sayings one can use to boost one's psychological state of mind, or to boost one's mindset.

Think of " I'm on the rigth path"

" The moment is now"

" Each day is a new chance to love more"

" Money comes to mee as I deserve it"

In this free giveaway you get the step for step how to make your own cards.


Mood Board 2024


How do you like to visualize your year ahead of you?

Making a moodboard, which means a collage on a paper size you wish, you will be setting up your intention for 2024 and it will be your reminder for the whole year. This gives you focus!

When you ask for this free activity I'll send you the step for step promt and you can start making it.

When you are ready you can share it with me via whatspp or email.

I 'll love to see it.



Feelings Names - For kids age 4- 10y


Did you see the Disney's film Inside Out? If not run for it...

In the film- Inside Out- one learns about basic feelings, fear, love,etc 

This film can inspire us to keep learning about feelings.

By doing my free activity  you will name the feelings you know but also feelings you will learn more about them. I ll send you a name and you will make a drawing about it. Than we can talk via whatsapp audio or facetime, or even phone via zoom or teams foor feed back.

Naming fellings is important for your whole life, when you learn it you can understand what happens to you or to your friend or famliy members.

Than you will be at ease when your new feelings pop up :)