Online Therapy

Online Therapy

I can help you through your healing process either contacting your inner questions or recognising your patterns and feelings. I will work with a trustful method and use tools which will bring you to your clarification and liberation from pain, stagnation or uncouncious subjects.

Follow your heart, put your question at the centre and trust the therapeutic process.

After a free 30 minutes session, when you decide to go on with me, 

I ll send you a contract for minimum 6 to max 8- 10 sessions, when you have an  insurance with the plus option the session will be covered for 40 to 60% as a complementary therapy.

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Systemic Family Constellation

Sometimes you will be dealing with systemic things, which means you have a problem which is not yours. People from your family, work or relations could be influencing your life. Looking at this influences on your system one can understand the dynamics it has in your life. To be able to make a family constellation you will need a diagnostic session on the essential in your life.

If your question is within the family life, we can diagnose with the help of wooden dools,

when it is about your own life, it is possible to go to a group with representatives.

A family constelation is a tool to get your life flowing in the subject of your concerns.

"The problem is not the problem, the problem is what lies behind the problem"

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Art Therapy

"Art can heal all wounds"

When you go drawing, painting or collaging, you are showing the subjects of your uncouncious mind. Becoming aware of your uncouncious subjects creates vision and you can deal with the subjecta at ease.

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