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Art Ways Workshop


“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way - things I had no words for.”   Georgia O'Keefe

In the Art Ways workshops you can choose a theme to explore

The themes are

  1. Joy - Allowing Joy and  Pleasure

  2. The Mother - This is the inner picture of her or the Creation inside of you

  3. In The Flow - This is the way you feel when you relax

  4. Healing Grief - The need to accept and liberate your pain

  5. Anger is OK - This is about inner power

  6. Think With Your Heart - Here you will feel the connection to your roots

  7. Self Love - The most difficult task for us humans

  8. Inner Child Love - Developing and growing inside out

  9. Relationships - How is your relating pattern and how do you keep it up

  10. Gratitude - Making a shift in your consciousness and feeling permanently well

The benefits of the workshop will be

You will start allowing more pleasure in your life.

Unleashing your joy, or communicating your happiness, makes you stronger for whatever comes.

The first step into a desirable growth is recognizing, or seeing, your deeper wishes.

When you deal with allowing yourself to feel pleasure, there might be other issues to explore.

Then you go on experiencing the relation to the basic emotions like fear, anger and love.

After these experiences, you will map your own areas of growth. There begins your personal growth, and it is creative also.

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”   Alberto Giacometti

Making art will be your expression. That means that there will be no right or wrong at this workshop. 

Each art work in the meeting has its themes.

Pleasure, Joy, and Expressing Emotions will be addressed.

Download the flyer for the private event of Joy Workshop as an example.Joy Workshop.pdf

Practical things


You can reserve the workshop at any time. I will align the subjects, the price and the material with you.

This is suitable for individuals or group work. The workshop takes 2,5 hours.

There is a minimum of 5 participants to start a group. But you can also choose a theme for a family or friends event.

An online workshop can be organized when there is a minimum of 3 participants. Ask for the possibilities.

Invest - €50,- per workshop ( including 21%tax) all materials included. You sign up for as many workshops as you like.

Your subscription is granted when you make the payment beforehand, when you decide it I'll send you a payment link

Or you can make a money transfer to Workshop Art Ways to

Mw B dos Santos Laus 

NL94 INGB 0005 8026 14 

Some insurance may partially cover this payment as prevention or treatment.

Please feel free to ask me anything in case you have questions.


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