Art Ways Training


Hello, fine that you are here,

for the Art Ways Training is the road to experience personal development and emotional balancing using art.

Perhaps it happend to you that you have a feeling but you don't know how to name it?

Or you are a person who can not share what your feelings are? Or you have repetitive thoughts?

Than you will have to stop and look into yourself.  Art works as a catalyst for personal growth because it uses the creative side of the brain along with the logical. Our brain needs a balance between the rational and emotional functions to be able to cope with flexible situations or to cope with new circumstances.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way —

things I had no words for.”

— Georgia O’Keeffe

When using art, lets say drawing, painting or sculpturing you are able to express yourself giving colour and form to your emotions which brings you to a deeper level of understanding and accepting yourself.

If you are looking for growth, change or inner transformation this is what will be addressed with the art you make.

The benefits of this training will be

You will start allowing more pleasure in your life. Unleashing your joy, or communicating your happiness makes you stronger for whatever comes.

The first step into a desirable growth is recognizing, or seeing your deeper wishes.

When you deal with allowing yourself to feel pleasure, there might be other issues to explore.

Than you go on experiencing the relation to the basic emotions like fear, anger and love.

After this experiences you will map your own areas of growth.

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

— Alberto Giacometti

The way you go through it is reflexive or meditative. That means that there will be no right or wrong at this training. 

When you look at art you let yourself feel what happens to you, here begins your personal experience.

Each art work in the meeting has it's theme  and so it  will be expressed. It is nourishing for thought and soul.

It is also a self care moment where you have no need of explanations.

Practical things

The training has 10 meetings, but you can choose if you attend to the minimum of 7 basic ones or the 10 at once.

The introduction workshop is  ongoing in the month September 2021, and the training starts one week later and when possible we will adjust the dates on demand. There is a half day group on Tuesday's from 9:30 untill 12:30  and 13:00 untill 16:00 h, you can also choose to have an intensive workshop from 9:30 untill 16:00 h,  and this will be the case on 14 and 21 of September 2021.

This training will be offered online and live at the studio . Ask for the possibilities.


Introduction Workshop  ongoing in September, training days 14, 21 September, 12, 26 October and   1,8,15 November 2021

and intensives will be on appointment after the subscription for 2021.

Price for total training with 10 meetings is  € 390,- inclusive material, tea, coffee and 21% tax. For only 7 meetings € 280,-

In case you can only come once, the price will be € 40, for half day of three hours working.

Some insurance may  partially cover this payment as preventive treatment.

See down here the Art Ways pdf.doc. with more details about me and the training, thanks for being here.


Please feel free to ask me anything in case you have questions.



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