Atelier/ Art Studio for Rent


Would you like to rent a workplace and art studio at a picturesque location in the center of Voorschoten?

Do you like giving workshops or courses? Or rather work for yourself?

The rent can be for half day per week per month.

My name is Beatriz, I work as art therapist and visual artist. But I am also often abroad.

If you want to start a social/ group project in the studio/atelier you can do that for maximum 18-20 people in its space of 48m².

There are tables, chairs, easels, many books and visual material available, both for adults and children. There is a small kitchen unit in the storage room and two toilets in the hall.

You will go in and out with your own key.

Make an appointment to come by, you can also call me at  06 11396080

Are you interested? Then come and have a look, it starts each month.

You rent a half day per week for 120 euros or two half days per week for 200 euros.

But you can also have a click with me and then you use 30 half days / 15 days a month for 400 euros.

Price is all inclusive for a minimum of six months.