Musical Inspiration

In times of corona-crisis, we need more than ever to maintain our sanity. Come with me as I share my thoughts about  a musical inspiration.

We already know that, we also know how to "keep the mind still, the spine upright and the heart peaceful", but in this simple musical sentence, there is more wisdom than we can imagine.

So what does it mean, keep the mind quiet? The spine upright? And the peaceful heart?

Simply, knowing yourself, as a unique individual, who thinks, feels and acts consciously.

I live in the Netherlands, a country where individuality is as strong a value as is the  Brazilian hospitality.

In other words, it applies to everyone, and it is a standard not only individual, but also cultural.

With that said, to  keep the “mind quiet”, only for those who have learned to shut up, or to swallow frogs about the current reality, but there is a way to shut up, if we turn to the personal inner side.

Because at that moment, there is a world in heated discussion, about reimbursements, losses and future investments, as well as there are people solicitous and aware of their social responsibility, dealing with an invisible enemy that is visited daily by undisciplined people, the unsuspecting or the needy.  So again,  how do you keep your mind quiet?

I would say, do your part, fulfil your obligations, be at peace with your social assignments.

But when you put your head to rest, or at that moment that you choose to think about yourself, reflect, question, be moved.

Be the owner of your feeling, without being a victim of this situation. The crisis will continue, the government decreed that we will have to keep the social distancing, there will be sanctions for people who don't stay in quarantaine.

We can be sad, because the situation is really tragic. But now more than ever we have to know who we are and use our potential to prosper and be positive, to overcome the crisis and beyond. We imagine ourselves as a boat sailing on an angry sea, waiting for calm. For she will come. The "quiet mind", like the blowing of the wind, the brightness of the sun, and the infinite light that nature gives us. Remember our sources of gratitude, inspiration, and emotion. But we also accept our slips, irritations and undoing. To love yourself, to overcome the present moment,  to learn from it, and to come out of this crisis even stronger.

The "straight spine" means that only the human being has the straightness, the permanent uprightness, to be more human, and with awareness of himself and our time. As humans, we can raise our vibration to divine spheres, and be in His own likeness.

Let us not miss the chance, to always be erect, convinced of our individual human capacity.

It is the “peaceful heart”, that is, feeling the inner peace, that we feel when we are in connection with the reality of itself and the external reality. The heart that loves and wants to keep the world in itself, is the heart free from bitterness, without anger, full of gratitude, and love to give. This is the heart we want to feed, even in this age of corona virus, we have to keep our hearts calm. Much remains at our disposal, for slow and deep breathing, meditation, prayer, literature and the visual arts.

We have to "forget" and accept what we don't have, and be happy with what we experience day after day. In addition to nature, and the encounter with ourselves, we have to preserve our values, because in three months, the crisis will pass, and we will continue to develop. Let us make daily use of these possibilities of feeding the soul. To stay alive and confident tomorrow.

Follow the link to Leila Pinheiro's music that inspired me to write this. A song that fed my soul in moments of loneliness and sadness, but also of great faith and hope for tomorrow. To sing is to touch the soul. Enjoy the music, big hug